• If you're using MYUZK the answer is YES

    We have developed a fully flexible system

    where you can live track the popularity of your music scheme .

    Do you know what kind of music your public realy wants?

Myuzk advises

Using the data results from music research, the music editor of your radio station can easily and more reliably create a better musical scheme perfectly tailored for your audience.

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MYUZK advantage

On overpopulated radio market you need to have some competition advantage. And MYUZK can help you do just that.

100% flexible

We can provide 100% flexible system

Mobile friendly

The system can be viewed and used on your mobile devices.


Do you need a specific view or data export? No problem, tell us your wishes.


Want to transfer data to your software for planning music ? Myuzk can do just that.

Let your listeners become music editors
Myuzk enables you to 100 % customize your music list to the desires of your listeners.

Do you know what kind of music your public realy want's?

Why using MYUZK

With MYUZK there are lot of advantages. But the biggest advantage you gain is the team of people that created the system that works.

And to answer the question why to chose us we can simply say.....

Why to choose us

Not so far back you had to hire a team of analytics, organize the place and people just to do simple music survey.
With the MYUZK system there's no problem with hiring the right people and perfect place. Music survey is done by random people or by exact target group. And for all the analytics there are we - MYUZK experts serving you.

Simply the best means that we will try to service our clients desires to the maximum. Our system can provide you with the information that can save you tons of money in organizing your music survey.

The world is revolving around money, and money is very important. That's why we're offering top service for the best price. Our packages can be customize depending on your desire

The use of the system is very easy, but we will always take all the time necessary to instruct client to use the  system to the fullest.

We are proud on what we do! That's the reason why glitches will be fixed ASAP.

Do you have your access? Start your music survey here.

MYUZK packages


€ 60

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  • 3.000 coins


€ 175

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  • 10.000 coins


€ 700

na mesec

  • 50.000 coins


€ 1000

na mesec

  • 100.000 coins

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